why-choosAlways Independent

We value the good health of your eyes and consider it our foremost role to advise you as to what is best for you.  We are not tied to any supplier so we do not push you to any premeditated solution.  We deal with each and every person’s individual requirements.

why-choosWe make glasses with craft

Since your eye wear soon becomes a part of your personality, we ensure the use of the best available methods to us in preparing lenses, with a touch of craft.

why-choosOpen 6 days a week

We are open from Mondays (9am to 5.30pm) through to Saturdays (9am to 4pm) so you can visit us at your convenience, or feel free to book an appointment.

why-choosSuperb frames collection

To give style and oomph to your new acquisition, we give you a wide variety of frames both designer quality as well as one affordable to every pocket size, but without compromise to the style aspect.

why-choosHelpful and personal touch

We provide personal service to each and every visitor and go the extra mile in advising customers of the products they may need.

why-choosExperience and qualification

Our in-house optometrist is a qualified and highly experienced and well trained professional with years of experience in diagnosing patient eye conditions and provided the best treatment available.