Msimbazi Eye Centre was established in 1996 on Msimbazi Street, then shifted to Amani Street in 2012.

We specialize in computerized full eye check up with the latest machinery, sell frames and numbered sunglasses, and can make any types of frames.

Msumbazi Eye Centre has been operating successfully for the past twenty years.


How we started

Msimbazi Eye Centre is a state of the art eye care center located along Amani Street in Dar es Salaam. The company commenced its operations in 1996. The company is dealing in general eye care services.

Our Management

The company is promoted by Mr Jaffer M Somji and Ms Sukaina M Somji. Mr Jaffer is a reputable and respected Ophthalmic Optician having graduated in Optometry from the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC) in 1991. He has intensive work experience through working in the Optometry Department with Dar es Salaam Opticals Company Limited for seven years, and provision of consultancy services to Abu Baseer for five years.

The day to day operations of the company are looked after by Mr Jaffer with close assistance from Ms Sukaina. There are other assisting staffs in various operations such as reception, nursing, optometry, finance and others. Our company is well organized in terms of functionality which creates a smooth run of operations daily.

Our Customers

The company has a wide customer base ranging from individuals to local and multinational corporations. Our customers are coming from various backgrounds having those who make cash payments to those who are insured. We accept a variety of medical insurance cards such as Jubilee, NHIF, Strategis to mention just a few. Our customers will enjoy unmatched quality services from out out of this world opticians and ophthalmologists.


Our products and services

At Msimbazi Eye Centre, we provide eye care services to the best of our customers’ expectations. We provide Vetro Retina Surgery every Saturday where our patients are checked for potential eye defects and prescribed the necessary medications required.

We are also doing general optometry – the checking of eyes and prescribing eye glasses. A wide range of lenses is available based on the customer’s choice.
We have in stock: polycarbonate lenses, trivex lenses, high index plastic lenses, Aspheric lenses, photochromic lenses and polarized sunglasses.

Our Equipment

We have state of the art equipment for diagnosis of eye problems.

Example of Diagnosis equipment

Future Outlook

As the company expands and new business opportunities emerge, we will take every business opportunity that will arise. In the near future we are planning to start our own lens production unit here in Dar es Salaam as there is no company that produces eye glass lenses in the country. We are also looking to start cataract and glaucoma surgeries. Currently, there is only one hospital that offers cataract surgery in Dar es Salaam.

In order to expand the business, we intend to purchase the shop slot where out current facility is based. We shall soon engage the owner for further discussions on this possibility.

Our strengths

We dwell our strengths on our ability to offer superior quality services from the best eye care professionals that can be available in Dar es Salaam. Our products are of superior quality and our suppliers have built good reputation in their respective markets. We have state of the art equipment. We conduct our business in an open environment with proper records.